Calcium hypochlorite,Trichloroisocyanuric acid,Sodium dichloroisocyanurate Manufacturer & Supplier from China

JINBIN INTERNATIONAL CO ., LTD. founded in 2000 is specialized in the production, sales, and technical consultation of calcium hypochlorite and related fine chemicals.

JINBIN INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. is the Chloride products, manufacture and exporter, with a total capacity of calcium hypochlorite (sodium process) 14000 tons a year . And we also produce Trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCCA), Sodium dichloroisocyanurate (SDIC) water purification materials. 

JINBIN INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. located near the TIANJIN seaport & QINGDAO seaport, it has good geographical location and convenient transportation. Now JINBIN produce the owner “TIP-TOP CLO2” brand products and produce different package products to customers on behalf of the processed, Now we have all kinds of package from 1lbs-100lbs , and different packing style : drum , plastic bag, pouches , tube…. (Please check picture from the website Galley).

JINBIN INTERNATIONAL CO,. LTD. with owner brand “TIP-TOP CLO2” products ,this brand calcium hypochlorite with the “EPA” registration in USA market (U.S Environmental Protection Agency),  mainly export regions in USA & South America & North America market,  Meantime our products is exported to Thailand , Vietnam , Singapore and Africa . Now export is on the increase . The spirit of our company is " BE UNITED , CTEATIVE , REALISTIC , EFFICICET ". We take advantage of the right of import and export , develop phosphorus products to more series . Now the company develop vertically and diversify . Customers at home or abroad are warmly welcomed to hold trade talks with us personally , telephonically or correspondly . We will cooperate sincerely and develop in unison with you .