Calcium Hypochlorite

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Calcium Hypochlorite (Calcium process)

Chemical Name :  Ca(ClO)2          65-70%
Appearance :  White or gray white granular
Standard :   Q/JHAJ01014-2001, Equivalent to Japanese Industrial Standard  JISK1425-59(90)

Index :
Item Excellence First Class Passed
Cl(%)  ≥ 70 67 65
Granularity 14~50mesh(%)  ≥ 90 87 87
Water (%) 5.5~10

Application : 
Efficient disinfectant and bleaching agent, for example, it can whiten cotton, hemp, fibre, pulp and starch; it also can sterilize drinking water and swimming pool.

Package : 
50kg or 40kg plastic drum with PVC bag inside, 1 FCL/20' container can load 18MT or 20MT respectively. 1kg/2kg/4kg/10kg, etc.

Calcium Hypochlorite

1.Product Name: Bleaching powder (common name)
Calcium Hypochlorite (chemical name):Ca(clo)2 
2.STANDARD: GB/T10666-1995 
3.Annual Capacity: 5500 m/tons
4.Technical Specifications:

1st grade 2nd grade·
Available Chlorine ≥65% ≥60%
Moisture ≤3% ≤3%
Yearly Loss of Chlorine 8% 8%
Calcium Chloride 9% 10%
Appearance white or light-grey power,granule, mixed,tablet

5. Applictions: 
1. For bleaching purpose of wood pulp, silk, cloth and fibre. 
2. Disinfection and water-treatment. 
3. Disinfectan for chemical poisonous and radiative substance.

6.1) Mix 100 kgs of calcium hypo 65% into 1 m/t of water. The solution will be bleaching liquid at a density of 6.5% effective chlorine.
2) 1% disinfection liquid can be formulated by adding 1.7 grams of calcium hypo 65% into 1 m/t of water.

7. Advantages of Calcium Hypochlorite: 
1) High effective chlorine content; 
2) Good stability. Can be stored a long time at normal temperature with little chlorine loss;
3) Good solubility, less water-insoluble matters.

8. Cautions In Application: 
1. Should be stored in cool and dry warehouse away from heating sources and avoid direct sunlight. 
2. In transportation, contact with such should be avoided as sunlight, heating, moisture, organics, oil and acids.

9. How to handle in case of leakage: 
Collect in time and seal properly.

10. Measures in case of emergency:
Wash with thin soda water or diluted ammonia water in case of skin-burning.